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Mark Hamill Has Never Met Natalie Portman, Which Is Hilarious, Considering

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Luke Skywalker never met his mother. Neither did Leia, retcons included— are we saying her memories of her were the Force? We’re gonna go with The Force, right? Well, neither, it turns out, has Mark Hamill.

Yesterday was Natalie Portman’s birthday, and in response Hamill shared a rather entertaining fact on Twitter: He’s never met her.


That makes sense. The two have never been in a movie together. But it’s easy to imagine the actors of Star Wars as existing in one big happy family, instead of just, y’know, people doing their jobs. But there’s still something a little surprising and funny to think that, in-universe or out of universe, Luke never gets to meet his mother.


What I’m saying is, I want to see these two hang out. For closure. And ‘cause it would be fun. Kathleen Kennedy, arrange it.