Mark Zuckerberg Gets Sued By Facebook—and That's Not Even the Craziest Part of This Story

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This man is not Mark Zuckerberg. Well, he is but obviously not that Zuckerberg. He doesn't run Facebook, he runs a website that games the FB Like system. And he doesn't get sued by Facebook—well, actually he did—he counter-sues Facebook for harassment.

This man is, er was, Israeli entrepreneur Rotem Guez up until last month when he legally changed his name to "Mark Zuckerberg". He runs, er ran, the Like Store—a non-affiliated website that allows its users to artificially enhance their FB Like scores—until Facebook sued to have it shut down for violating its terms of service. Now he's counter-suing the social media giant claiming that it had no right to shut down his site in the first place. Wow, it's like an onion of nutso—peel off a layer and you reveal an even crazier layer underneath.

Now granted, gaming social media sites is nothing new—I've had more than one marketing job built solely around maximizing a company's number of MySpace friends—but neither is Facebook's response. I'm not sure how exactly that site can be sued into shutting down for violating a company's TOS, but I am confident in Facebook's lawyers figuring it out. What I can't wrap my head around is why the name change? Is it simple adoration bordering on obsession or just a really great marketing ploy to get this entire story picked up by Internet news aggregators? [The Wrap via Slashgear]