Mark Zuckerberg Is TIME's Person of the Year

Beating out Julian Assange—really, the only other respectable contender for this year's title—TIME has named Mark Zuckerberg its Person of the Year. The Zuck is now the second youngest to ever receive the mag's annual recognition.

While probably not as controversial as Julian (and certainly less governmentally despised), he's no doubt revolutionized the way 500 million people share photos of each other chugging beers, and exchange status updates lamenting the their recent breakups. Whatever your feelings on Facebook (and the TIME honor itself), there's no doubt Zuckerberg has Henry Ford-ed social networking, so his face on the cover was inevitable. And now, I go desperately check my pending friend requests. [TIME]


Platypus Man

So he created Facebook almost seven years ago and went on to expand it and, after a few years, started making it much worse. He continued to get as much of our information as possible. In 2010, updates to Facebook kept coming out, but oh, a movie about him was made. Is that really enough to warrant "Person of the Year"?

At least Assange has done a LOT of stuff this year that a LOT of people care a LOT about.

It should be noted that the youngest person to win it, Charles Lindburgh, was also the first person to win it, is still remembered over 35 years after his death, and only beat Zuckerberg by about a year.

Oh, and I know it doesn't really count, but in 2006 we all won and I was younger than either of them then, so I don't know if this is really the second-youngest.