Mark Zuckerberg Just Rode in a Race Car With Dale Earnhardt Jr. and He Looked SO SCARED

Facebook founder and presidential hopeful Mark Zuckerberg just did a few laps with Dale Earnhardt Jr. in Charlotte. It looked like Zuck came thisclose to shitting his pants! But he says he had fun after the fast part was over.

Here are some select quotes, listed in the same order that Zuck said them:

  • “So we’re gonna start slow?”
  • “Holy shit!”
  • “What a crazy experience! This is amazing!”
  • “You can really feel the grip!”
  • “What an amazing experience!”

At the time of this posting, Mark Zuckerberg was actually driving a stock car. Here are some more quotes:

  • “I’m at 5,000 RPMs!”
  • “I don’t think I should go more than 5,000 RPMs!”
  • “I’m here to learn about community!”

The end.

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