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Massive Dynamic's Bionic Woman Drops A Bombshell

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We got a chance to chat with Blair Brown, who plays Nina Sharp, the powerful face of the shady corporation Massive Dynamic, on Fringe. After talking to Brown, we were left with even more questions about J.J. Abrams' weird science romp. But most interesting was the tiniest of hints Brown dropped about Nina's past.Did they always want a woman for the face of Massive Dynamic? They always wanted a woman. JJ is very interesting that way. He always casts strong women of all ages because he's not afraid of that. It's interesting, people mixing it up. Will Nina have super strength with her robot hand? I'm not sure. We're not even sure what else of Nina is bionic, so consider that. Who can say? That's one of the best things about J.J.'s writing and this whole team, is every script you get, you get more questions. Usually when you work on something you get more and more answers and things get narrower and narrower. With Fringe, things get wider and wider. Of all the things you've read so far working on Fringe, what are you most excited about? What are you most excited to work on? What I'm most interested is in fact the relationship with the other characters, because there's history there. The character that John Noble [Walter Bishop] plays, he and I knew each other a long time ago. So what is that, and what was that research that was happening then? I think was Nina a scientist. Was she a failed scientist? Was she a scientist that failed because she was a woman? Because she was living in an age where that often happened. So was she a scientist? What's this history with Walter, are we going to get flashback and explore the origins of Walter and Nina? You'll have to wait and see. I think that's not impossible. I think that's not impossible. We'll see. So are we going to explore Nina's past love life? I think that's not impossible, we'll see. [Laughs] Before she was bionic, and after. You heard it hear first people Nina and Walter have a history — a history. Which in Hollywood terms means they were lovers, and why not? Walter is a hottie. Tune into to Fringe tonight on Fox.