Massive Multitouch Hologram is Like Microsoft Surface Without The Surface

The VisionAire projected multitouch (or more accurately, multiswoosh) hologram is an early, rough iteration of an extremely exciting concept: fully interactive holographic displays. Obscura Digital has adapted their proprietary multitouch software to the Musion Eyeliner hologram projection system, which is most notably responsible for the holographic Gorillaz effect during the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards.


The setup is too elaborate for anything but big-budget presentations and requires quite a bit of space to pull off, but the effect is undeniably hypnotic. It goes without saying that the system doesn't provide tactile feedback to users, so operating the the VisionAire is more akin to interpretive dancing than it is to cracking down on pre-crime in Minority Report, but I'll take what I can get. [Obscura Digital - Thanks, Steve]



These theoretical user interfaces would be much more impressive if the demonstrators did something more than push photos around a desktop— like maybe editing a photograph in a touch sensitive version of Photoshop. Without a practical application, this is all a flying car— technically possible, but impractical and not meeting consumers anytime soon.