Massive Outage Nukes Older Peek Devices

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Oops! A massive service outage has apparently bricked older Peek devices. Peek CEO Amol Sarva is on the case though, offering existing customers a free Peek 9 to make up for their lack of email access. Uh, great?

Sorry for the bloggy angst, but I'm still with Barrett on this one:

Here's the full Peek 9 feature rundown, much of which has been available since last fall: email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Maps (but no GPS), Weather, Outlook and Exchange (with AutoSync), RSS, Word and PDF support. Oh, something called Peektop Apps, for which I'm not holding my breath. All told, that's not terrible! But "not terrible" doesn't make Peek 9 any way ownable.


Yeah. Anyway, the outage arrived after Peek migrated to a new network provider, in this case T-Mobile.

Sarva advised existing customers to check their email for information on a free Peek 9. Since their current Peek is toast, they can probably check their email like everyone else does these days—on their smartphone. [Peek via Engadget]