Master Sculptor Recreates a Fallout 4 Deathclaw In Astounding Detail

In Fallout lore, Deathclaws were originally replacement troops in the Great War. They’re huge, scaly, and fast, and terrifying. This clay model from Sculpture_Geek is so realistic, it looks about ready to jump off its stand and headbutt you.


I’ve seen superb model makers creatively shape clay on YouTube many times, but what surprised me most about this particular build is that the Deathclaw and a thanksgiving turkey share a common ally: tin foil. Plus the whole thing is screwed to a stand using an ordinary plumbing flange. The incredible handiwork utilizes a nice mix of specialized tools and regular junk you’ve got lying around the house. Don’t be surprised if you watch more than once.

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Easy. Get a hunk of clay and remove all parts that don’t look like a demon.