With their uncanny resemblance to those Power Up mushroom hidden in blocks throughout the Mario video games, these groovy mushroom lamps cycle through 9 colors and can bring your back to your college days and/or trigger those acid flashbacks you've been itching to embark on. All of these lamps are made from mouth blown frosted white glass, ensuring that no two are identical. The LEDs inside are controlled by a computer chip that has them cycle through their trippy color spectrum, providing the perfect mood lighting for your next love-fest.

When the party is over and/or you've run out of drugs, simply push down on the lamp gently—the touch sensitive mechanism does the work for you and shuts the lamp off. A nice bonus since it's no fun to try to find a tiny on/off switch after a long night of tripping your face off.


Mathmos Mini Lamp [LazyBone via Ubergizmo]