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Matte Screen Options for 15-Inch Superglossy MacBook Pro

Illustration for article titled Matte Screen Options for 15-Inch Superglossy MacBook Pro

Superpros who want 17 inches of MacBook Pro can get a matte screen from Apple for $50. Apple annoyingly hoses people who want a portable notebook. But they've got a couple aftermarket options.


TechRestore replaces the entire screen and LCD panel—overnight, even—for $199. It comes with a one-year warranty. Here's how it works:

We remove the glass screen cover...then replace the glossy screen with a matte-finish screen that has the exact same specifications as the original; same resolution, same color depth, same LED get the idea. We install a custom black bezel around the edge of the screen that matches the finish of the MacBook Pro and looks great. The bezel has all the required holes in it for the iSight and other items that sit at the top of the MacBook Pro screen housing.


Downside is that it's only for the MacBook Pro, and if you decide you wanna go back to glossy later on, you're stuck.

For a more temporary, but lesser quality fix, you can get an anti-glare cover, like the iVisor from Moshi, who'll be offering it for the MacBook and Pro. It'll be a lot cheaper, presumably:

Illustration for article titled Matte Screen Options for 15-Inch Superglossy MacBook Pro

[TechRestore, Moshi, Hat tip Macworld UK]


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They should make the matte glossy thing be done in software instead of hardware. Then you could control it from a System Preferences Panel. All you'd need was a matte screen and the built in iSight camera to get stuff for the reflections. If you don't want reflections, turn them off. If you like them, they're in Core Video, so you hardly notice the graphics processor hit. Even better, you can get use any reflection map you want, even a real time web cam! I'll bet you'd find people who'd pay good money for a Psycho, Norman Bates over your shoulder with a knife animated reflection map. It could be the next ring tones.