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Maurice Sendak: "F*ck Ebooks"

Many gathered around the tube for Stephen Colbert's feisty interview with everyone's favorite reclusive children's book author, Maurice Sendak. It's always a delight when old people weight in on new technology, and the highlight of the interview was Sendak's eloquent and nuanced condemnation of the ebook revolution. I guess we won't be seeing any cool interactive ipad versions of Where the Wild Things Are any time soon.


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Sendak doesn't like the democratic nature of e-books, where anyone can publish. I think that's his biggest issue with e-books.

Someone needs to show Sendak a child with autism. Give him a hard copy of his book and then give him an e-book version of his book. Perhaps he'll change his mind on why e-books are a good thing. Its easy to hold an opinion when you live in a bubble that the world made specifically for your neurology.