MC Square X1 DAP Calms Soul, Reduces Stress

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I'll spare you the drawn out, inane ramblings fancied by other Web writers when it comes to the MC Square X1. A digital audio player boasting 512MB of built-in memory (which can be increased to 2GB using microSD cards), the X1 sorta has this whole "oh look, I'm from the future!1" aura about it, as the Cyclops-looking dude holding it in this picture so aptly advertises. The screen is on the small side, coming in at 1.3 inches, so viewing pictures on it may be more of a hassle than it's worth. Pretty janky battery life, too, lasting only about 10 hours per charge. Oh, and it's supposed to help increase your concentration and reduce stress. Nothing like unfounded claims.

Like lots of other weird gadgets, the MC Square X1 is only available in Korea. By the looks of it, you're not missing much, unless you plan on reenacting scenes from The Tomorrow People.


Product Page [MC Square via]

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