Mechlift—The Easiest Way to Pick Up 3/4 Tons without a Patlabor

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Having worked in a UPS warehouse, I can attest that picking up and moving heavy objects for eight hours a day gets old real quick. It's back-breaking, knee-knocking labor. And it's about to get much easier with RonI's new Mechlift System.


The MechLift Electric manipulator is essentially a giant, joystick-controlled grappling arm suspended from a set of overhead rails. The lifter uses an annodized, telescoping aluminum pole and can be adapted to multiple industrial applications simply be changing the gripping head. That means the system can be used to hold everything from car doors and windshields to rolls of material and oil drums. It will pick up objects as heavy as 1400 pounds and has a vertical lift range of over six feet. A simple joystick allows the user to control the speed and direction of the lift.

"The MechLift manipulator," said Bret Wachter, Product Manager at RonI, "provides users with an easy-to-use variable speed joystick for lifting and placing tasks." [RonI]


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UPS. Those were the bad old days, eh, Andrew. Now you're sitting behind your big desk with your feet up, shouting orders. Interns bring you food and drink and mop your brow. I can see you now with a big cigar, looking out over New York City. Master of all you survey. Congratulations. :)