Meet Eight New Afrofuturism Artists Creating a Future of Color

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This stunning gallery on Blavity showcases eight up-and-coming visual artists influenced by Afrofuturism, science fiction that explores the experiences and culture of people of color. They’re amazingly diverse not just in their sci-fi visions, but the media they use to express them. Painting, comics, illustration, mixed-media collage, even masks—there are endless ways to bring the future to life.

For example, up top is the work of Oakland-based artist Joshua Mays, whose huge, Art Noveau-influenced futuristic murals turn science fiction into part of the neighborhood.


This smiling chainsaw cyborg by Ten is typical of her imaginative creepy-cute illustrations. Look, she’s so happy to be wreaking bloody mayhem!

Cyrus Kabiru, from Kenya, makes wearable “C-Stunners,” glasses that look into the future.

Get to know the rest of the artists (and more images from these folks) at Blavity. When you’ve finished poring over all the images on Blavity, click on to each artist’s website for even more.