Meet the Man Who Registered 14,962 Domains in 24 Hours

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This is Michael Mann. Last week, in a binge lasting less than 24 hours, he registered 14,962 domains. He plans to sell them on to the likes of you and me, at an inflated price, to make a bucket load of cash—which is how his company manages to pull in over $400,000 every month.


Mann set up shop as a domain reseller in the late 1990s, when he lucked out and made $50,000 from selling on a domain he originally purchased for $70, reports CNET. Since then, he's been unstoppable. He built up a company called BuyDomains that he sold in 2005 for $80 million. Now he's set up, a business that brings in about $400,000 a month.

It's not all complete guesswork or computation, either. While much of his business is automated, using filters to pick out domain names based on Google-friendly keywords, in the end Mann actually chooses which domains to buy. He explains to CNET:

"We have a filter, but I'm the world's most efficient human filter for this sort of thing. I don't think anyone can read huge lists of domain names as quickly as I can and understand what they're reading. I'm a pattern reader. It's a huge pain in the ass, but it's what I do for a living."

Once he's chosen which to buy, the purchasing is completely automated. In this last buying binge, he's bought domains like, and He hopes to turn his $100,000 outlay into a small fortune; looking at his track record, it seems likely he'll succeed. [CNET]

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Good lord...this thread is just chock-full of pissed off little girls, isn't it? The guy buys a product that is openly for sale, and then sells the same product for a profit. That's how commerce works folks. It's how your grocery store makes money, it's how the stores at the mall make money, it's how business works.

So explain to me, in rational terms other than "this guy sucks" and "Jerk" how this is a bad thing. Let's have a rational discussion without anyone acting like a scorned 14 year old who's friend just bought the same prom dress.