Meet the Subway Superheroes Who Rescue the Crap You Drop On the Tracks

If you're a regular subway rider in New York City, you're familiar with the nagging fear of dropping your phone or wallet onto the tracks. Luckily, there are saviors at the ready who will show up, tongs in hand, to help those citizens in distress.

In the video above, Animal New York recently followed MTA workers Tom Gurecki and Mike Rosado on the job. Their days consist of waiting for calls to come in to the MTA office reporting dropped items, at which point they swoop in like caped crusaders and retrieve the item safely and swiftly. No, they aren't ninjas who leap onto the tracks in a flash and rebound back up before a train bears down. Simple extendable tongs and a flashlight usually do the trick.


As unglamorous as it sounds, Animal reports that the job is highly sought after by MTA workers. Gurecki and Rosado are thirty-year MTA veterans, and have earned their place in the sun. Er, their time in the fluorescent light. [Animal New York]

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