Meet Vermin Supreme, the presidential candidate who will fund time travel research

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For the last several decades, boot-headed performance artist Vermin Supreme has been running for political office on the platforms of zombie awareness and mandatory dentifrice for all Americans.

Vermin "Love" Supreme — who sells himself as the biggest rat among a sea of rodent politicians — recently scored his biggest coup at the Lesser-Known Democratic Candidates Presidential Forum on December 19. Watch above as the wizard-like interlocutor becomes the God King of Protest Candidates and glitter-bombs notorious homophobe Randall Terry.

Vermin has attempted to become the "Emperor for the New Millennium" several times before. For 2012, he's listed under the Democratic ballot in New Hampshire and enjoyed a rollicking debate with the ghost of Aleister Crowley. Here's his mission statement:

In an election climate where candidates succeed by discouraging citizens from engaging in independent cognitive activity, repeat Candidate Vermin Love Supreme, (the only bona-fide American Presidential Candidate to actually donate a living organ,) has broken away from the rat pack.

Whatever public office he's seeking, Vermin's participation in electoral forums raises the critical questions that your run-of-the-mill apparatchicks will necessarily ignore. But once raised, these issues have refused to die.

Only through Vermin Supreme's diligent campaigning over the years have certain questions and issues of policy come to the foreground, specifically...

- Dental Hygiene Law
- Flying Monkey Public Safety Assurance Program
- Time Travel Research Funding

Here's a clip of Vermin Supreme from 1996, donning his presidential body armor. And here is in 2008 explaining America's vulnerability to the undead and attempting an interview with John Edwards' haircut.


[Via Coilhouse]