When Star Trek got rebooted for the big screen, Hasbro put out a line of construction sets to go with it. But now Mega Bloks have taken the reigns on Star Trek construction toys, and they’re boldly going where no brick has gone before: all the way back to the original series.

Although the line has been teased before, as part of celebrations for both the show’s upcoming 50th anniversary and New York Comic-Con Mega Bloks have unveiled the first three sets in their faux-Lego Star Trek line, all based on elements from the original 1960s TV show.

Clocking in at the cheapest is a model of the classic Klingon D-7 Battle Cruiser, which will cost $30. The model comes not just with a stand for you to display the finished ship, but a little Klingon flag as well as a minifigure of a Klingon as they appeared in the show, rather than their ridged counterparts in The Next Generation and beyond.

$40 will net you a transporter room set inspired by the classic Mirror Universe episodes on the show—not only do the transporters light up thanks to glow-in-the-dark pieces, you can flip the wall panels around to turn the room into either the U.S.S. or I.S.S. Enterprise. To boot, the minifigures are also based on “Mirror Mirorr”, with a beaming-out Scotty figure as well as Kirk in his I.S.S. uniform and the Mirror Spock, complete with matching goatee.

Finally though, is the grand-daddy of them all: a 1/350 recreation of the Enterprise, made up of a whopping 3,100 bricks (which will set you back an equally whopping $250). It’s not to scale with the minifigures that it comes with—Kirk and Spock in their dress uniforms, with Spock performing the Vulcan salute—but ridiculously impressive nonetheless. It’s even got light-up Warp Nacelles!


Sure, it’s not Lego Star Trek (which would be pretty damn amazing), but these don’t look half bad at all. Sadly, it’ll take a while to get your hands on them if you want one: all three sets aren’t due to come out until Fall 2016.

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