Megaupload Working to Recover Thousands of US Government Documents

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When Megaupload fell overnight, one of the biggest complaints was that users were immediately shut out of their document storage. That includes plenty of US Government officials—something Kim Dotcom is helping to rectify.


Torrent Freak reports that Megaupload is trying to work out a deal with the Department of Justice to allow users to download their personal files. Interestingly, of the users, there are a large number of Government officials. Speaking to Torrent Freak, Dotcom said:

"Guess what – we found a large number of Mega accounts from US Government officials including the Department of Justice and the US Senate. I hope we will soon have permission to give them and the rest of our users access to their files."


While it would be easy point at the US Government and scream "HYPOCRITES!", it's worth remembering that Megaupload was used as a file locker by many people, which means that they won't have necessarily done anything illegal. In fact, perhaps more interesting is that at the moment a bunch of US Government officials don't have access to all their files—and it would be nice to fix that. [Torrent Freak]

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HYPOCRITES is a very good term, although IDIOTS works as well. Idiots because who the hell trusts the cloud to store their ONLY copy of something? Hypocrites because it goes to show that M.U. had more legitimate usage in society (even to the government) than it had the potential to do wrong...and everything on the internet has the potential to do wrong. All it's led to is breaking legitimate and useful links all over the internet, a pretty good preview of what SOPA and ACTA set out to do.

Megaupload was not perfect, but they made an effort. Anything that was not legal could be reported and removed by any 3rd party. There are plenty of websites and anonymizing protocols out there that don't make such an effort, they answer to no one and they care about no laws. Because we no longer trust governments and media companies to do a rightful job at protecting the rights of intellectual property there is a rising demand for people to gain access to underground groups. It's no difference from outlawing guns, porn, or booze, if internet porn got shut down, 90% of internet users would still find a way to get internet porn.

Thanks to the government(s) shooting down everything that quacks, they have done an excellent job not just driving outlaws into tighter, more organized and secure groups, they've done an excellent job driving common folk to join the groups. More people will be using darknets (closed groups), Onion nets (randomized and anonymous routining), and various encryption protocols that privatize every little thing we do on the internet, like checking email. As people contribute to these communities, development will grow and so will the criminals that use these protocols for far worse things than downloading some music.