Melie Bianco's Neon iPad Clutch Is as Stylish as You Are

Ladies, here's a eye-catching way to tote your tablet. Melie Bianco has a new neon faux patent leather purse specifically designed for your iPad or whatever slate you're shlepping. Are you drooling yet?

It's 13 inches tall and nine inches wide and it's got a detachable strap, so you can carry it as a clutch or sling it over your shoulder. You might love your gadget, but you don't want to throw it in your bag with all your other belongings, where it could get scratched or otherwise damaged. And a lot of the cases and solutions out there either aren't very cute or are made by high-end designers and have a prohibitively high price. I'm lusting after this one. It's awesome because it's just $53, it'll fit your iPad and a few other essentials, and it's a perfectly current blinding yellow. [ModCloth via GeekSugar]


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