Memorex TouchMP Is the iPod Touch for Cheapies

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CNET got their hands on a Memorex TouchMP, an 8GB, $100 touchscreen PMP. And they really liked it. From the review:

The TouchMP isn't going to be mistaken for an iPhone anytime soon, but Memorex does a surprisingly good job keeping the onscreen interface simple, legible, and intuitive...The Memorex TouchMP is the first MP3 player we've seen that combines touch-screen technology, useful features, and an attractive design, for less than $100.

Basically, there are better values for touchscreenless MP3 players and the TouchMP isn't some magical perfect device, but it's the cheapest way out there (other than an import from OEM, probably) to get your touchscreen fix. [Memorex and CNET]

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iPod Touch for cheapies? I think not. Memorex has not inspired me with it's usually late, second-rate products.