Meredith Woerner bio

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Meredith Woerner is the Senior Reporter at io9. It's her job to quiz Harrison Ford about the differences between shooting aliens with a blaster versus an Old West shotgun.

Before working at io9 Meredith was an entertainment reporter for Us Weekly Magazine, a night desk assistant at The New York Post, and contributed to Marie Claire and Nylon. In 2009 she wrote the vampire reference book Vampire Taxonomy: Identifying and Interacting with the Modern-Day Bloodsucker.


Since joining io9 in April of 2008, Meredith has witnessed John Carpenter's alien creation "The Thing" sizzle under the barrel of a blow torch (in the flesh!), survived three consecutive San Diego Comic Cons and developed a deep infatuation with listing off the Pros and Cons of HBO's Vampires Humping True Blood.

As of right now she has three life goals: gain admittance into NYC's elite zombie dance troupe that recreates Thriller every Halloween, throw a game winning "flip six, three hole," and hit the high C in The Commodores' "Easy."


You can follow Meredith on Twitter and on Facebook. P.S. Eric is evil.