Merry Christmas From Uber: Here's A $2 Booking Fee

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Everyone's favorite rideshare app has decided that Christmas Eve is the perfect time to slip through a small change to its Uber Taxi service. Nothing big. Just a $2 fee every single time you want to hail a cab through Uber.


Motherboard has a copy of the email that Uber (very quietly) sent to UberT users, on this, a day when everyone will totally be paying attention to their emails. UberT currently works as a hailing system for yellow or boro cabs — use the app to get a ride, then pay your driver using cash or card, rather than through the Uber payment system.

But as the email explains, you'll now be charged a $2 booking fee through Uber's payment system whenever you use UberT, "on behalf of yellow and boro taxi drivers who utilize the Uber platform". Although the email doesn't explicitly say that your two bucks goes straight into Uber's coffers, calling it a booking fee — and the fact that you still pay the taxi driver in cash — certainly implies that the only thing benefiting from this change is Uber's bottom line.


In the same email to users announcing the change, Uber also took the liberty of reminding them that UberX offers cheaper journeys than regular taxis — and no booking charge! So generous. Thanks guys. And remember, #UberOn. [Motherboard]

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I've always been fascinated by the idea of "booking fees" and "convenience fees" when dealing with things that are done entirely electronically and require zero human intervention.