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Microsoft's Live Mesh, a file synchronization system across Windows XP, Vista and Mobile along with OSX, has looked fine from a technical standpoint...we've just been lacking some actual programs to take advantage of the infrastructure. At a recent developers conference, Microsoft announced their first four Live Mesh applications to excite the public and developers alike known as the MeshPack.According to ZDNet, the MeshPack includes:

Collaborative Crossword: A crossword puzzle designed for multiple users to solve together CorkBoard: “Bulletin board for the digital life” MeshLists: A list creation/sharing tool CrowdVote: A collaborative group-polling tool


While none of these are killer apps, Microsoft is still experimenting with the capabilities of that platform while hoping to get third parties experimenting as well. And besides, who doesn't love a little intense multiplayer crossword action? [Mesh Pack via ZDNet]

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