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While web servers took up an entire room not too long ago, now you can get one that's the size of your thumb. WebServUSB gives you complete web server functionality on a USB thumbnail drive. As a technical demonstration of miniaturization prowess, this is quite impressive. But we're scratching our heads as to how we would actually benefit from such a thing. Think about it: if you're going to be plugging in a USB drive, you must already have a PC handy, so why not have the server on the PC? As an academic exercise? Interesting. As a practical tool? Puzzling. The company's website says you could use it to practice different server configurations, but can't you do that with any PC? One good aspect of this product is that, just like Vegas, what happens on that stick stays on that stick. So any settings you change stay on that drive, making it completely portable. The 128MB version is $90, while the 1GB unit will set you back $400.

USB Web Server [Red Ferret]

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