Microsoft at 40: Still Turning It the Fuck Around

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Tomorrow is Microsoft’s 40th birthday, and the perfect time to look back on its successes, failings, and that time it bought a convertible in its thirties because it was freaking out about a receding hairline.

Over those 40 years there have been countless twists and turns but now—right now—Microsoft is in the process of rejuvenating itself yet again, and swinging back from Windows 8 apathy and Xbox One PR disasters. Not bad for a geezer.

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Les Mikesell

The best thing from Microsoft has been the right-mouse popup context menus that give you just the relevant choices without redrawing a whole screen. Now just give us an equivalent for touch-screens. That doesn’t do something you didn’t want if it turns out the thing you touched didn’t have a long-press action, which you won’t know ahead of time.