Microsoft Files for Body Scan Patent to Know When You're Ready to Watch Porn

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Files for Body Scan Patent to Know When Youre Ready to Watch Porn

This will either be a godsend or a creepy nightmare. Microsoft recently filed for a patent that would allow the Kinect to scan your body size and proportions to guess your age. The idea is it'll determine whether you're of Skinemax age.


The new system will employ a 3D depth camera to determine your body type, and use that data to find age-appropriate content. And it would do all this in real-time, without forcing you to login to your Xbox Live account. Which would be great! Maybe? If they don't screw it up royally. Like if it detects that you have breasts and adds absurd Jennifer Aniston movies to your Netflix cue. Or if you're of diminutive stature and it automatically activates parental controls.

Thankfully, the system can be overridden. If Microsoft does take this idea further... maybe I'll take them up on it. [GeekWire via TechRadar]


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Think of the children!!