Microsoft May Release a $500 to $600 Surface Laptop This Fall

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Microsoft is expected to revamp its line of Surface laptops and convertibles later this fall. But based on some new rumors, in addition to refreshes and spec bumps for existing systems, Microsoft may also release a new more affordable version of its Surface Laptop.


According to sources who spoke with Windows Central, this new device which goes by the codename Sparti is, in essence, a Surface Laptop Go, combining a chassis that’s “slightly smaller” than what you get on a standard 13-inch Surface Laptop with the more affordable components used in the Surface Go 2 to create an affordably-priced notebook starting between $500 and $600.

Specs are rumored to include a slightly older 10th-gen (not the new 11th-gen chips) Intel Core i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a 64GB SSD for the base model, with the system coming pre-installed with Windows 10 in S mode. That 64GB of storage feels incredibly skimpy for a laptop in 2020 (even for a laptop in the $500 price range). Maybe Microsoft just really wants people to embrace OneDrive?

Windows Central’s source claims Microsoft won’t be cutting any major corners regarding Sparti’s design, with the laptop expected to feature the same minimalist, lightweight build seen on previous Surface Laptops. Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft opted to use something besides its signature magnesium alloy for Sparti’s body and skipped certain creature comforts like the Alcantara deck available on some models of the Surface Laptop 3.

Still, with the supply of affordable laptops having to become quite strained due to the increased number of people working and studying from home, Sparti seems like a great way for Microsoft to fill the gap between the $400 Surface Go and the $1,000 Surface Laptop 3 while also creating an affordable alternative to products like the Pixelbook Go and the Lenovo Yoga C740.

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Not gonna lie, my experience with Surface Pros has been great. I bought my 4 at the end of it’s lifecycle, about 4 years ago. The i5, 4gb RAM and 128GB SDD and it’s great. Exceptionally well built, never had it give me any weird problems, and even the battery is still at over 90% capacity. It was a stretch to buy at the time, I think $700 from Costco with the pen and keyboard, but has proven it’s worth over and over again.
With that said, I have a sample size of one, there were reports of screen issues on the 4 that I never experienced and I’m a console gamer. I travel a lot (or at least used to) and this thing has been exceptionally durable. I expect it to last several more years, they really are a premium unit.