Microsoft My Phone: Free MobileMe-Style Syncing for Windows Mobile

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Today somebody over at Microsoft powered up the My Phone website a wee bit early. Apparently, they've re-branded SkyBox and are bringing lots of cloud syncing fun to WinMo phones.

We've already assumed that much of the next step for Windows Mobile will be to sync personal data—not just contacts, calendar entries and tasks, but text messages, photos and even video—to a secure website. The three purposes are:
• Backup and restore stuff if your phone is lost or smashed all to bits, and use the same to migrate to a new phone.
• Add data and media to your phone via a web interface.
• Use your phone to share stuff over the web to people you like.


Microsoft says it won't be charging a fee for the service, and they'll be sharing details of a limited invite-only beta at the Mobile World Congress this month.

Some more interesting details:

• It has a 200MB cap, so it won't sync anything after you fill that up.
• If you sync contacts and calendar to Exchange Server, it won't sync that data to My Phone, but can still do the rest. Ditto for Windows Live—non-Live contacts will be saved on My Phone.
• It will only run on Windows Mobile 6.x (which should be obvious).
• Syncing occurs between 11pm and 5am, unless you force a manual sync.


There's no mention yet of syncing ringtones and apps, apparently something on track for the v2 of My Phone, formerly known as SkyBox. [My Phone Beta]