Microsoft Now Accepts Bitcoin For Digital Purchases

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Bitcoin adoption continues to grow apace and now Microsoft has joined the party. In the U.S., you can now use the currency to buy apps, games, music and videos from the Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox Games, Xbox Music and Xbox Video stores.


Coindesk writes that Microsoft has partnered with Bitpay to put the new scheme in place. There are some caveats: you can only add $100 at a time using Bitcoin, you won't be entitled to refunds, and the currency can only be used to purchase digital goods not physical ones. Still, better than nothing. [Microsoft via Endgadget]

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It might be worth it to mention that Microsoft (like almost all big businesses that "accept Bitcoin"), is actually not "accepting Bitcoin", they are accepting "US Dollars" from a company named BitPay. If BitPay ever goes under, suddenly, you will see almost nobody in the world accepting Bitcoin as payment.

I don't understand why anyone thinks Bitcoin is some marvelous revolution. It's a gigantic public ledger with zero consumer protections, which still incurs fees (now foisting them onto the payer instead of the payee), has a hard transaction limit of 7 transactions per second (actually more like 2 transactions per second when accounting for the real world size of blocks), and would require everyone using it to essentially "be their own bank", which is, you know, the convenience you're paying for in those other types of USD transactions. Honestly, the "revolutionary use case" seems to always boil down to: "Well, you could wire tons of money to Honduras or something with no middle man" (because your average consumer totally needs to do that every day), or "It's TOTALLY anonymous!" (but it's not).