Microsoft On Phone Hardware: "No, We're Not Going To Do That"

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Microsoft's been consistently cagey about whether or not they'll make their own phone hardware "like Zune and Xbox," but today at a Windows Mobile roundtable, Robbie "Not Glacial" Bach put it straight: It's not happening. Officially.


Specifically, he said "No, we're not going to do that," which is odd, considering the sheer persistence—and substance—of rumors about "Pink" phones, which they've clearly been considering, at the very least. On Pink, Bach clammed up:

We're not going to discuss the rumors, or discuss any of the things you might see or might read.


So what about a co-branded phone, made by a separate ODM? Could that explain Pink? Are there any plans for that?

Yes, we announced that today, it's called the Windows Phone.

Sassy! Of course, an official denial of an unannounced product shouldn't be taken as gospel—Microsoft isn't in a position to admit too much now. But I can't help but think these flat denials will sound a little funny when Pink phones show up on shelves, made by Microsoft, cobranded with someone else, or otherwise.

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All we need is another damn phone crowding the market. It's getting to the point where I can keep track.