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Microsoft Patents Shows Smartphone Cradle for Media Streaming, Peripherals

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Patents Shows Smartphone Cradle for Media Streaming, Peripherals

The Register stumbled across a patent for the "Smart Interface System for Mobile Communication Devices", a smartphone extension dock that lets you easily plop your phone onto your home network and connect peripherals.


The dock contains a processor and storage of its own to run its OS, but its main function is to expand your smartphone. Think of it as a brawny RedFly, but without a screen or peripherals built in. Here's the predicted use: you connect a keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer to the dock as


The prospect of easy printing, streaming and file sharing between your phone and your other hardware has inherent appeal, so I won't pass judgment until the product actually starts to take shape. Assuming it ever does, that is. [Register]

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well truthfully i doubt this will hit the light of day how they have it described in the patent.

What i DO EXPECT is that your computer will have a USB dongle to recieve the data being sent from the cradle and pop up a pip type view of the smartphone so you can choose to go from full OS to smartphone OS.

And i have strong reason to believe that since Windows 7 is getting so many good reviews you can expect for WM 7 to be fully cross compatible with Windows 7 so it will instead of using active sync actually let you browse and USE WM on a full desktop computer instead of sending files and backing up which is way too boring if you ask me.

WM7 and Windows 7 will be super identical and im sure if they read this they'll love me for giving them this idea.