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Are you following the controversy surrounding Google's attack on its competitors for buying up the Nortel patents? It took a strange twist when Microsoft revealed that Google was originally in on the deal, but decided to back out.


The controversy started with a blistering blog post by David Drummond, Google's Senior Vice-President and Chief Legal Officer. He blasted Apple, Oracle, Microsoft and others for waging a "hostile. organized campaign" against Android using bogus patents. He accused these companies of fighting through litigation and mentioned the high-priced purchase of Nortel's patent portfolio as an example of their anticompetitive practice.

Frank Shaw, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Microsoft, responded with a simple tweet that deflated the power of Drummond's rant. Included in his tweet was an image of an email that reveals Google was talking with Microsoft about a joint bid for the Nortel patents. Brad Smith, General Counsel for Microsoft, also confirmed that Google had a chance to join the group, but said no. [Google and Frank Shaw and Brad Smith]


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