Microsoft Zune Teaser Commercial?

Damn, I haven't even finished my morning coffee and toast and this is the second Zune post. I am really sick of this thing, but I will give in and show this teaser video that GenerationMP3 found. Nowhere in this mysterious commercial is Zune mentioned or directly shown, but at the end it does say "The Future of Entertainment" and "Summer 2006" which leads to believe it is somewhat Zune related. Kind of neat, kind of stupid—just release the damn thing already.

Publicit pour le Zune de Microsoft ? [GenerationMP3]

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There was an ad campaign in the 80's that alot may remember ( showing my age here, I know). It featured a car, the new Ford Escort, draped in the American flag. They didn't show the car though, as it was covered by the flag for a number of commercials until they were finally ready to reveal it... And when they finally reviewed it? All the buzz died immediately! They revealed an ugly car that everybody pretty much laughed at once they finally got to see it. Now I know the Escort may have sold pretty well in the long run, but I will never forget how many people laughed when they finally took the flag off the car!