Microsoft Zune To Come With Some Content

The official Microsoft Zune blog, the same one used to disseminate information to other blogs, says the Zune is going to come with "some content" on it—no what, who, or how much of it. Wow, could you tell us less? Maybe not even mention the name Zune at all? Perhaps go back to denying that it even exists?

In other news, Microsoft says three, four, or even five years to succeed, and that they don't expect it to be a cash cow right out of the gate. Seems reasonable.


The bonus Ballmer pic of the day has him giving a slideshow presentation on the Zune—An Inconvenient Music Player.

Zune will come w/ some content on it [Zune Insider via MS Zune]

Microsoft sees no immediate return on Zune player [Reuters]

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