Imagine a keyboard that you can carry around like a wallet—almost as thin as paper, just a few millimeters—and that works with any smartphone or tablet, be it Android, iOS or Windows Phone. This is exactly what Microsoft's new fold-able keyboard is, a little beauty for those who really miss physical keyboards on the go.

Microsoft introduced today this keyboard along with the new affordable Lumia 640 and 640 XL. It's actually a new version of its larger, non-foldable universal keyboard, but this one feels like magic when you use it. Really. I tried it today at Mobile World Congress and it folds right in the middle. Very convenient to carry around inside a bag or even in your jacket pocket. Think of it as a foldable Surface Pro 3 Touch cover, but thinner and better designed. A clever magnet keeps both halves from opening up when you don't want them too. It's another great example of New Microsoft making awesome things that work with the devices you already use.

The keys feel really comfortable, with exactly the right amount of travel. And you have enough space for both hands, almost like in a normal laptop. It can be connected to your device via Bluetooth (no word on battery life yet) or with a microUSB cable. Microsoft hasn't confirmed pricing yet, but if this ends up being less than 50$ or just above that, I'll buy one, maybe even two. If you're a heavy typer, it's definitely worth checking out when it hits shelves.