Mili-Moto: The HC700

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Rather timely given the general sense of global chaos, Motorola is dropping a handheld device they claim is up to military specs. The HC700-L is rough and tumble and Jarhead ready, and could certainly come in handy in the event of any of the various disasters that seem to be looming. It rocks an "advanced omni-directional area imager for 1D/2D barcode imaging," which right there makes this one pretty cool toy to take on any adventure. Motorola stresses that the HC700- has civilian and commercial applications as well, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Windows Mobile For Pocket PC and GPS/AGPS (with iDEN.) So just gloss over its' unsettlingly war-like applications and bask in the warm glow of the undeniable benefits of the military industrial complex's astonishing growth.

Motorola launches handheld device with military specifications [MobileMag]


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