Militaries Develop Small Fighting Robots To Do Our Dirty Work

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Israel likes to keep its military in tip-top shape since it's not exactly in a friendly neighborhood. To that end, it is (and has been) developing micro air vehicles (MAVs) the size of a hornet designed to attack its enemies. Other countries are getting onboard with the whole "tiny killer robot from outer space" motif, too. The British are already using the WASP in places like Afghanistan, which can silently approach a target and is controlled with what amounts to a video game controller. Somewhere, Issac Asimov is crying.


The best (read: most violent) plans come from the U.S. Plans are in motion to develop MAVs that carry micro-sized bombs; act as miniature saboteurs; and attack in packs, with the thinking that one MAV may be too small to do any real damage, but put several of them together and you've got a party on your hands. Robots: fighting our wars so we don't have to.

Military Builds Robotic Insects



Wouldn't it be much more convenient to land a small wasp on the back of the terrorist and inject poison than it would be to drop a 2000lb bomb on his door step?

What's not to love here? No shell casing, no finger prints just a pin prick. Network these guys and you've got a party. No need to invade the country.