Mindwire V5 Shocking Game Accessory: Rumble is for the Weak

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You know what would make gaming even more fun? Pain. Or at least that is what the folks at Mindwire would like you to think. Their new Mindwire V5 unit helps you get into the action with sensations ranging from a "crashing car to the blast of a machine gun's multiple bullets hitting you; a sharp zap all the way through to a soft massaging feeling." Five self-adhesive pads are connected to the arms, legs and stomach that administer a range of electric shocks to create sensations that mimic in-game action.

The system works with most PS2, Gamecube, and XBox games as well as PC games that support force feedback. Next gen consoles are also supported—in certain configurations (a full list of compatible games is available on the website). So, I'm not sure about all of this electric shock business, but tell me more about this "soft massaging feeling?" The Mindwire is available for £99.99 (or $200). [Mindwire via PocketLint via Geeky Gadgets]