Illustration for article titled Miners Just Unearthed This Huge Diamond—the Largest To Be Found in 100 Years

Imagine putting this thing on a ring. You’re looking at the biggest diamond to be found in the last 100 years, which was discovered in a mine in north-central Botswana.


Lucara Diamond, the company that controls the mine in question, reports that the stone weighs in at a frankly staggering 1,111 carats. That’s 7.8 ounces of raw, unadulterated bling, that measures 65 x 56 x 40 millimeters.

The largest diamond ever to be found was recovered from a mine near Pretoria, South Africa, way back in 1905. That stone, known as the Cullinan Diamond, clocked in at 3,106-carats—about 1.4 pounds—and was eventually cut into several large gems, two of which appear in the British Crown Jewels.


It’s not yet clear what will happen to the new stone.

[Lucara Diamond via BBC]

Image by Lucara

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