Miniature Evolta Robots Take on the Full-Sized Ironman Triathlon

Nothing can stop these little guys. Panasonic's Evolta battery-powered robots were already pretty impressive, but now they're going for a hat trick of endurance-testing awesomeness by taking on Hawaii's Ironman Triathlon later this Fall.


The triathlon entails surviving three courses: one for swimming; one for biking; and one for running. Above-normal humans are expected to run the 138.6-mile course in a single day. These robots will get a week, with breaks only to recharge their batteries.


Their next trial? Take down a family of bears with their bare plastic hands. That's what I want to see, anyway. [Engadget]

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How do you say fail in Japaneses?


It is not clear, will the thing use only the same three batteries for the whole race or is they guy being clever and just saying that only three batteries will be in the thing at any one time?