If you call a song "Female Doctor" and stack it with gooey synthesizers, you know everyone's mind is going to immediately jump to porn. Can you blame us? But Miniature Tigers' new single is deliciously tongue-in-cheek and not the least bit erotic.

The Brooklyn synth-pop outfit are laughing with us on this jam, which toes the line between a ruinously infectious pop hit and the soundtrack to an 80s TV commercial. (Can't you imagine some badly dressed salesman strutting across a car lot?) The video, assembled from found YouTube footage of a Russian Candid Camera-like show, is as fun and bubbly as the song. It's a great reminder that sometimes great music, and especially great pop music, is beautifully absurd. Miniature Tigers' new record, Mia Pharaoh ,comes out March 6th. [Miniature Tigers]