Minox Armband Keeps You from Baking in the Sun

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

We all know spending too much time in the sun is a bad thing, so the last thing we want is a gadget to nag us about it. Yet that's pretty much what the Suntimer does. When it senses you've gotten your fair share of UV rays, it sounds an alarm to tell you to head indoors. Maybe if it had some extra features we'd consider strapping one on, but we'll stick with the sunblock for now. And besides, we prefer our skin like we prefer our chicken. Extra cripsy.


Minox Suntimer [via Mobile Whack]

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So I've actually got a watch type thing that does the same thing, which actually wears best on your belt or some such (in the sun, though). Like my dohickey (we call it the Goth Meter for some reason, we don't remember its real name plus the battery is dead), you put in your skin type, the SPF of the sunscreen you're wearing (if any) and THEN it can tell you when you've maxed out. The important thing to realize here is that most people a) don't put on enough sunscreen, b) don't put it on the right way and c) don't have a clue as to what it does or when to reapply it, compounded by the truth that it isn't working right since they likely did both (a) and (b) too. Also, people don't understand how easy it is to get burned on a cloudy day and to absorb radiation through a white tshirt.

*gets off soapbox, having spent too much time in epidemiology classes on this anyway*

I'm pasty white, not even the potential to tan, and this kind of thing really does help me, and my pasty siblings :) However, this thing is likely to be more expensive then most people will want to shell out for—I got mine at a closeout for about 80% off. Still, better than being mistaken for some sort of Red Lobster mascot.