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Is the Mio A201 a GPDA or PDPS, because this PDA that is designed to function as a GPS sure needs a new acronym. Being touted as the first Pocket PC with integrated GPS receiver, it's got a 20-channel SirfStar III GPS chipset as well as Microsoft Windows Mobile on board and features such as Outlook Mobile Contacts and Calendar, Word Mobile, Excel Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile, games and Windows Media Player. There is a rotating GPS antenna for navigating in both portrait mode or landscape mode, and you can swap screens just by rotating the antenna or touching a button. Because it's a PDA, you can choose what kind of navigational software you want to use, whether for street or survey mapping, and it will work with any software compatible with Windows Mobile 5. The latest version of the Mio Map software, version 2 for Pocket PC, will be bundled in with the price. Of course the beauty of this product is its portability, letting you take it on camping trips, use it in the car or just bring it with you when you're walking the streets of a new city and want to make it very clear that you are carrying an expensive device worth stealing. Hopefully your insurance will cover the full $460. Also included is power adapter, car charger, USB sync cable, car mount and carry case.


Mio Technology A201 Sat-Nav PDA [Bios Magazine]

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