LED bulbs are not only long-lasting and energy-efficient, with a clever combination of red, green, and blue diodes they can also be tinted to almost any color letting you set the perfect mood in a room. But color-changing bulbs tend to be expensive, so with its new Bolt, Misfit stripped away unnecessary features to nail a very reasonable $50 price point.

The company is of course better known for its wearable Shine and Flash fitness and sleep trackers, but for its second smarthome product Misfit realized there was a market for a connected LED light bulb that consumers could afford to install in more than just one lamp. And while at $50 the Bolt is still more expensive than a standard CFL or LED bulb, the popularity of color-changing lighting has shown that many consumers are happy to pay for more than just white.

Using the free accompanying Misfit Home app, users can control and customize the 60-watt equivalent Bolt through a direct Bluetooth LE connection to their smarthome—no central hubs or existing smarthome networks are required. The bulb's color temperature can be subtly tweaked for those who prefer a cooler white in the day or a warmer white at night, but it's also capable of reproducing millions of different colors if users want to make a really bold statement in a room.


The Misfit Home app includes downloadable and user-created Scenes that cycle the bulb through a pre-determined color pattern if users are trying to relax. But there's also more active party modes that quickly cycle the bulb through a series of bright colors turning a living room into a night club. And because Misfit's expertise lies with sleep trackers, the Bolt can even work alongside the company's existing products to slowly wake you up in the morning with a simulated sunrise.

At $50 the Bolt is a great deal if you've been thinking about dabbling in the smarthome market, but for the full effect you're obviously going to want to upgrade more than just a single light fixture in your home. So Misfit will also be selling the Bolt in three-packs for $130 to help you really get the party started. [Misfit]


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