Miss CGHUB? Help Crowdfund A New Artists Portfolio Site To Replace It

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One of the largest artists portfolio sites shut down last month, but you can help fund its replacement. You can also back a line of female superhero toys, a swashbuckling clockpunk RPG, and tons of beautiful new comics.


Next generation website for CG artists

Last month, the artists portfolio site CGHub was shut down unexpectedly, leaving its community adrift. Now Team Shakuro, the site's original developer, is looking to build a new site that will fill the vacuum left by CGHUB. They are looking for funds to develop a new site with a new design and to operate it once it's built. For a $25 pledge, they're offering backers a one-year premium membership account when the site launches.

Then It Was Dark

You don't need to believe in ghosts to have an unsettling experience that seems paranormal and that you can never quite explain. This anthology collects comics based on personal experiences, "true" ghost stories, and those spooky things that supposedly happened to a friend of a friend. Thirty artists are participating, including Elaine M. Will (Look Straight Ahead), Diana Nock (The Intrepid Girlbot), Molly Ostertag (Strong Female Protagonist), and Sarah Dill (Distillum). For a $10 pledge, backers can grab a PDF of the anthology. For a $25 pledge, they can get both the PDF and the physical book.

Horizon Anthology: What Happens After The Fantasy Hero Has Won?


Here's another comics anthology with an intriguing premise. Sure, we're used to seeing the heroic acts of fantasy protagonists, but what happens when there's nothing left to fight for? Is it the denouement, or the start of a new chapter in our hero's life. Fifteen artists, including Angael Davis and Patricia Daguisan (Bravest Warriors: The Search for Catbug!), Ian McGinty (Adventure Time: Candy Capers, Bravest Warriors), Jeremy Lawson (Teen Titans Go!, Regular Show), and Jorge Corona (Teen Titans Go!, Justice League Beyond), are lined up with their own takes on the question. Backers can get a PDF for a $10 pledge and a physical copy of the book plus a PDF for a $40 pledge.

The Queen's Cavaliers RPG

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Want a bit of swashbuckling in your alternate history gaming? The Queen's Cavaliers is a clockpunk tabletop game set in 1600s France—and you get to have plenty of fun with the period. Swing from the chandeliers as you launch your attack. Wow onlookers by reading an epic poem. Just be sure not to violate the Laws of Fashion, or your character will suffer. For a $15 pledge, you can get a PDF copy of the game, and the softcover for a $30 pledge.

IAmElemental Action Figures for Girls


If you want your girls or boys to play with female-bodied superhero toys that focus more on heroism than breasts, you may want to take a look at the IAmElemental posable action figures. Each figure has a different power drawn from a different characteristic: bravery, energy, honesty, industry, enthusiasm, persistence, and fear. For a $10 pledge, backer can get a single mystery figure pack, containing one action figure with a shield, removable accessory, two trading cards, an elemental map, and a carry bag.

CUTTINGS: A Johnny Wander Collection


Yuko Ota, one half of the Johnny Wander team, creates some of the most charming comics on the Internet, and Cuttings collects her short fiction comics, color art, and never-before-seen images from her sketchbook. You can get the PDF for a $10 pledge and the hardcover for a $25 pledge.


Von Ether

The action figure one is already funded and has 26 more days to go. Neat.