We may not have had the wide variety of radiation-resistant robots we needed before Fukushima, but we're certainly getting it now. Following Toshiba's four-legged dogbot, Mitsubishi is rolling out their own four-tredded tankbot that aims to fix up a disaster site without sending anyone in.


Dubbed the MEISTeR for Maintenance Equipment Integrated System of Telecontrol Robot, this robot has two arms, each with seven degrees of rotation freedom which let it do things like hold and cut pipes. It can aslo pick up loads of up to 33 pounds and has a bevvy of tools like saws, jack hammers, and drills. At nearly 1,000 pounds and just over four feet talk, it's a pretty big guy, and moves at just over one mile an hour.

The MEISTeR is full remote control, of course, and can do its thing in highly hazardous environments for up to two hours at a time, cutting through pipes, crawling over irregular surfaces, collecting samples, and whathaveyou. Here's to hoping that by the next time some sort of dangerous disaster—nuclear or otherwise—occurs, we can just have the robots take care of it for us. [MHI via gizmag]