MIXTRAX Turns Your Car into a Virtual Club

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Can't get enough block-rockin' beats but haven't figured out how to fit your mixing tables in the back of your Civic? No worries, Pioneer's new MIXTRAX technology does the mixing and effects for you.

The proprietary technology creates a continual, seamless mix of songs from your music library. The software first analyzes your collection, identifying each track's BPM, tempo, and other attributes, then builds playlists of similar songs. Finally, it overlays added transitions and effects, much like live DJ's do at the club you just left. MIXTRAX is available on numerous Pioneer car receivers and the STEEZ product line.


MIXTRAX is also available in app form for iPhone users. Working in conjunction with Pioneers AppRadio, the app compares tracks in your iPhone's music library with a server-based list of already-analyzed music to identify your track's musical signature. The App then creates the same custom playlists and adds the same effects as the car-based version.