Mobile-Suit Gundam 00 To Air On Sci Fi

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If you were worried that the upcoming end of Battlestar Galactica would mean an end to religious undercurrents and dystopic quests in your science fiction, then the Sci Fi Channel has good news for you: They're bringing critically-acclaimed anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00 to your screens this winter to meet all of your needs.


The 25 episode series, part of the terrifyingly-large Gundam franchise in Japan, takes place on an Earth three hundred years in the future, ravaged by war and environmental disaster:

When fossil fuels have been completely depleted and humanity has turned to solar energy to maintain its way of life, the controlling nations of the solar power find themselves at war with more impoverished countries and threats to the "promised land of God" lead to the formation of a group called the Celestial Being, whose purpose is to end war and unite humanity through the use of four Gundam mech.

The series will be run two episodes at a time across 13 weeks, starting November 17, according to Anime News Network.

Gundam 00 to Run on Sci Fi Channel on November 17 [Anime News Network]



@Angryrider: Nearly everything SEED-related was considered mediocre at best, but as far as I can tell, Gundam 00 has been much better received by fans in general. A lot of this has to do with higher-quality animation and new staff (particularly the director and the mecha designers).

I don't know about the 'critics', though...