Modular Kar Chairs Reward the Skinny-Butted

Illustration for article titled Modular Kar Chairs Reward the Skinny-Butted

For those who enjoy pizza by the slice, these Kar chairs operate in a similar fashion. Each piece is ordered individually to add a layer of thickness to the seat until your desired dimensions are met, combined until you build a chair (small), loveseat (medium) or football bench (X Large - future gastric bypass). Also of note, those who enjoy numerous pizza slices will find a corresponding satisfaction sitting in the seats with more slices. Each Kar module runs $150, so plan on eating in for a while to afford an entire chair. [Opulent Items via bltd]


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I'd like to see them offer some curved sections, too.....say around 10 to 15 degrees or so....something where it would be usable for sitting in the bend but not take too many to make a nice L shaped "sectional".